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Exercise Science Portfolio
Skill Acquisition


Newton's Laws
Types of Motion
The Seven Biomechanical Principles
Human Growth and Development
Stages of Human Development
Motor Development
Skill Acquisition
Motor Learning Concepts
Skill Acquisition Process

Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition

Motor Learning: The process by which a person develops through a combination of physical and psychological factors, the ability to perform a task.

Stages of Motor Skill Learning
1. Verbal or cognitive
This stage is characterized by movements that are slow, deliberat and often improperly timed. The learner must first set a plan to determine the objective of the skill.
2. The Associative stage
This is the second stage where the learner refines their skills. The receive feedback to become more aware of their mistakes.
3. The Autonomous stage
This is the final stage where the learner performs the skill witrh little or no thought.  The skill becomes automatic.  Their movements are smooth and fast and the learner can think of other things while they are performing.
Three Essential Conditions For Learning
1.) The learner must receive feedback
2.) The learner must practice their skills
3.)Can only perform one certain skill