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Exercise Science Portfolio
Human Growth and Development


Newton's Laws
Types of Motion
The Seven Biomechanical Principles
Human Growth and Development
Stages of Human Development
Motor Development
Skill Acquisition
Motor Learning Concepts
Skill Acquisition Process

Growth and Development

There are four stages of human development:
1.) Physical Development: Is the development and growth of the body's muscles, bones, energy systems and nervous system.
2.) Cognitive Development: Is one's ability to interpret and process information.  It is emotional development and the development of one's self awareness.
3.) Motor Development:  The development of one's ability to perform certain tasks and skills. It is a combination of physical and cognitive development.
4.) Social Development: This is the development of one's relationship with peers, friends, family and the outside world.

Age and Physical Development
Chronological Age: Is age that is measured in years.
Skeletal Age: Age indicated by the maturity of the skeletal system.  It is the degree of maturity of the skeletal system. This can be affected by nutrition, diet, disease and bone injuries.
Developmental Age: Age expressed in one's ability to perform certain tasks.
Human Morphology
Mesomorphs: Are people who often mature early as children.  They are stockier, heavily muscled and broader.
Ectomorphs: These people tend to mature later in life.  They have thinner bodies, narrow hips, longer legs and arms.
Endomorphs:  Are people who tend to have more fatty tissue ad have thicker body parts.