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Exercise Science Portfolio
Skill Acquisition Process


Newton's Laws
Types of Motion
The Seven Biomechanical Principles
Human Growth and Development
Stages of Human Development
Motor Development
Skill Acquisition
Motor Learning Concepts
Skill Acquisition Process

Skill Acquisition

Factors Affecting Motor Learning
1. Lack of Concentration
2. Quality of Instruction
3. Physical Growth
4. Physical Restrictions
5. Diet
6. Sleep

Skill Acquisition Process
There are five major stages of a skill:
1.) Preliminary Movement
This is the movement that prepares for the performance of a skill.  It usually includes footwork and body positioning.
2.) Backswing and Recovery
This is the movement that occurs just before executing the force producing movement
3.) Force Producing Movement
These are the movements to produce force for impact and propulsion.  It occurs fast and is hard to follow
4.) Critical Instant
This is the stage that determines how successful the execution of the skill is going to be.  An athlete cannot do anything at this stage to change the effectiveness, the changes must be made prior to this stage.
5.) Follow Through
This is the movement of the body after the critical instant.  The main purpose of this phase is to decelerate the body parts used in the skill.